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As spring slowly gathers pace, and with summer on it's way (yes, really!) you may find yourself faced with the old conundrum...what do I wear to all these weddings?

In our Bristol store we have helped style many a lovely lady for all different kinds of weddings and we have a few little pointers and style tips that hopefully you will find useful.

Traditional Church Wedding

Sometimes these can be the trickiest. You want to look on trend and stylish, but need to be wary not to offend the Mother of The Bride...sound familiar? Try these tips:

  • Pick a dress length no shorter than on the knee. Shown above is our Priya checked floral dress which is suited to all body shapes and helpfully has lots of colours in the print (which makes it easy to match shoes and jackets!).
  • Make sure the neckline of your dress is not too low. You want to be able to have a good dance later on, without taking anyone's eye out ;)
  • With a patterned dress with a high neckline like the Priya dress, keep jewellery simple. A statement ring (like the bow ring above) or bracelet, or simple stud earrings can be all you need. Pearls are classic for a wedding.
  • Add an accessory to your hair, you do not need to wear a hat if you aren't comfortable in them. A beautiful flower clip in a co-ordinating colour to your dress is a great modern alternative to a hat or fascinator.
  • Add an element of fun to your outfit by adding a bright accessory. A colourful clutch like our Mary Jane is a great way to do this.

Outdoor 'Hippy' Wedding


Outdoor weddings can have the feel of a mini-festival, so go with the flow and relax your choices in what you wear.

  • Be brave if the sun might be shining and choose a dress that shows a bit more skin. This spaghetti strap Flight dress by Louche is the perfect summer garden wedding choice.
  • Be less formal with your jewellery, add some layered necklaces to create a more boho look. Our Lotus and Stone necklace does the job perfectly.
  • You can still be sparkly, even in a field. So don't be scared to add a diamante clutch bag to your outfit if you are a sparkly kinda girl!
  • Temporary gold transfer tattoos can be a really fun way to change your look for the day. Be brave and wear them where they will be noticed, try hands and fingers or delicate small ones on your face...
  • Beware of stilettos and grass, they can be the worst of enemies. We recommend taking a change of shoes (flats or even wellies) and definitely don't wear your priceless Manolo's!

Not Really a Dress Kinda Girl?

There is absolutely no pressure to wear a dress to a wedding if it is just not your bag. If Kate Moss can wear trousers, so can we! Just bare in mind these points:

  • Make sure your trousers are a good fit so there is no chance of things coming untucked, or bulges where you don't want them. A big must is a pair of invisible knickers, even the nicest trousers in the world can be spoilt by some ill-fitting undies.
  • Tucking in your top creates a neater silhouette, and can look smarter. Choose high-waisted trousers, and a top that is long enough not to come untucked as you get up and down for all those toasts. Our Navy Bow Front Trousers are perfect.
  • White is fine in small doses. Your top, or your trousers can be white, just not both. It is not a risk worth taking.
  • Mix up your textures. For example if you are wearing silky trousers, try a lace top for contrast. Our Lace Chiffon Top is a good example.
  • To glam up your trouser look you can go a bit bolder on accessories. Try a colourful floral headband or some antique chandelier earrings like above. 


Registry Office Smart/Casual Wedding

Often the worst thing about planning your wedding outfit is not knowing how smart to go. Will everyone else be dressed down? Our tip is always assume it will be fairly smart, unless you have been clearly told otherwise: you don't want to be the only one in jeans. We often say choose a pretty dress, but tone down the accessories if you are unsure about dress-code.

  • Choose a dress that can be dressed up-or down easily. So avoid over fussy or over structured styles if you are worried about being the only one wearing a dress at all. Our Geo-Print dress is great for this. It is a simple shape with pretty details and print, but doesn't scream wedding outfit.
  • Add simple jewellery like a chunky chain necklace (like the one above) and some simple stud earrings.
  • Hats can often be the killer decision at a casual wedding. Our tip is just go for an on-trend style that would look good anyway of the week. Fedora's are a big trend right now and absolutely perfect to complete a smart/casual look. Our white straw fedora is a fab option.
  • Pick a versatile bag that you can wear as a cross body or as a clutch. Then you can adapt it when you arrive, clutch for smarter than you thought, cross-body for more casual! Our blue Mary-Jane ticks all the boxes.

Ok ladies. Hope some of that has helped solved a few dilemmas. If you have enjoyed this, please share it with your friends, and let us know any tips of your own. We love passing them on to our customers!