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In this blog post we are praising the versatility of the best casual jacket on the planet - the Harrington. As a tribute to an unsung hero of guys' (and girls') wardrobes across the globe, we have come up with three different style ideas to help if you are wondering what to wear with your Harrington.


As a prerequisite of skinhead style, the Harrington has an almost instinctive association with a buttoned-up shirt so, naturally, we've done the same for our first pairing. The Oxford shirt is another classic and both should form the cornerstone of any man's wardrobe, such as the Bellfield Serra shirt. Worn with either a smart pair of slim chinos or a worn pair of jeans, these fashion staples can be called upon time and time again.


Of course, doubling up on your collars may be a step too far, and a crew neck sweater or knit jumper is the perfect middle ground between smart and casual. A great way to compliment a dark-coloured casual jacket, such as the Harrington, is with a bold colour statement and the red Squire knit jumper from Hymn is well in keeping with this colour trend for Spring 15.


Even if you choose a Harrington purely for its form, it's hard not to appreciate the versatility it offers. It comes into its own during those summer evenings, when the temperature drops as the sun sets. So, in keeping with this, our third and final offering is a simple striped tee and denim short combination. Whether on the New York runways or on the Cornish coast, statement stripes are big trend for SS15, and the Skegness tee from Hymn looks great alongside a navy Harrington.

Hopefully, we've given you some style inspiration and you're digging out the Harrington from the back of your wardrobe as we speak. But if you don't yet know the joys of owning a must-have fashion workhorse, check out the Bellfield Sanderson Jacket available from us at £50.