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it's been a while eh?

oh hello :)

You may have noticed some changes around here! The last few posts were written by Jess (the fox + feather store manager) as I took a blogging break. However, Jess now has her own lovely blog One Foxy Lady so I am back in the driving seat over here.

Jess's blog- One Foxy Lady

I've been spending my time updating the fox and feather website. It is looking a bit fresher now I hope you will agree. I've tried to make it a bit easier to navigate and added a lot of new product, including some gorgeous festival jewellery, sunglasses and cool bags. There is still a lot more to be added which I am working on, promise! It just takes sooo long, please bare with me..

We have also introduced a new brand to our store. It is called Poppy Lux and has so far proved to be really popular in our Bristol shop. We literally cannot get enough of their playsuits and shorts. They keep selling out! What do you think? The brand is based in Brighton and I think that is reflected in its vibe. Kind of cool and laid back but with a bit of an edge. I think we will be seeing a lot more of their stuff in fox + feather in the future!

Poppy Lux Rosa Shorts

The super fans amongst you (arf) will probably already know about our work with artist Amber Elise. We have already collaborated on 2 collections exclusively for fox + feather and I can now reveal the 3rd collection is in the pipeline! It is looking amazing. I won't tell you too much just yet, but here is a little teaser of one of the new tee designs that will form part of the new Circus themed collection. It should be in store by end July fingers crossed.

Little Muscle Man by Amber Elise

There is some other exciting news to be announced about BIG changes happening in store in August, but I'm going keep quiet about that for now. All will be revealed soon...

Thanks for reading. Let me know what you think! xx