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Things are changing around here!

As usual we have been busy little bees. I'm going to keep it short and sweet and tell you the basic facts of fox + feather new news!

1. We have had lots of staff changes in our Bristol store. Some of our old girls have moved on to exciting new things in various big cities around the globe. And we have a lovely new team member called Sophie who writes a fab blog called Opal Wren and now does a couple of days a week helping out in our little Bristol shop.

2. We have been busy finishing off our AW13 buying and the first new bits have just started arriving from our favourite and newest brand Poppy Lux. My pick from the new collection is this super cute Gemma skirt. Check out our website to see more of their very lovely clothes.

3. You can now follow my every move on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Be warned, I do tend to have days where I talk A LOT about cake. My life looks a little like this:

4. We are launching Menswear in about 4 weeks time! Agh! Tell everyone! And argh! So much work to do! We are planning a mini re-furb of the fox + feather store for the official launch. But I am so behind I am starting to sweat just thinking about it. I'm sure it will all come together at the last moment (she says hopefully). Anyway, look out for brands like the amazing Native Youth coming soon.

Right. Done. I'm off to eat cake and panic.

Clare x