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  • Body The Photobook
  • Body The Photobook
  • Body The Photobook
  • Body The Photobook

Thames & Hudson

Body The Photobook



The definitive survey of contemporary photography of the human body.

The body remains a battleground. Politicized, conceptualized and increasingly shared, our often-paradoxical relationship with the human form is nothing new, but finds itself heightened in the digitised, virtualised era of the 'post-industrial' body.

This Book explores what our imaging of the human form, and the ways in which those images have been used and shared, might reflect of our relationship to the body.

  • Author: Nathalie Herschdorfer.
  • Publisher: Thames & Hudson.
  • Format: Paperback.
  • Publication Date: 13/01/2022.
  • Pages: 432.
  • Dimensions: 210x147mm.

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