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So today I'm living in Pinterest world, and hey, life is looking good! It's raining outside again, so I'm keeping myself busy and happy building an imaginary Fox + Feather universe.

So far I've styled my complete lifestyle on our new board 'Lifestyle Inspirations' (yeah, just that little thing), added a new board "Key Styling Elements' and updated my 'Clare's Style Inspiration' board. This is work, honest, as the whole team uses these boards as inspiration and guidance when we're doing our buying, styling the store and dressing the models for our photography. As you will probably see I'm a bit of a junk shop magpie: car boots and antiques fairs are my ideal way to spend a weekend. And when you can't actually go to them, then Pinterest fills the little void quite nicely and with no money handed over. Perfect! 

How do you use Pinterest? Don't tell me you don't use it, you are missing out an a world of free dreaming and fantasy shopping!

You can see all our pins here: https://www.pinterest.com/foxandfeather