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What is the story behind Fox + Feather?
Fox + Feather came about from opening lots of stores for other
businesses, and seeing the opportunity to do it my own way. Bristol, and
especially Gloucester Road was crying out for a good alternative to the
fashion multiples that have consumed so many High Streets and shopping
centres. I wanted to create a store where you could shop without guilt, and
offer a personal service. Also, that burning desire I think most people
have, not to be bossed around by a middled aged man in a suit sat behind a
What did you do before the shop?
I've worked in fashion since I left Uni (I studied Fine Art at UWE) and
basically worked my way up from the shop floor. My first serious job was
working for Uniqlo as Assistant Manager and Visual Specialist, then as a
'floating' manager visiting problem stores. After that I worked for Ollie &
Nic, firstly as a Store Manager, then as an Area Manager. I then moved to
their head office and worked as a jewellery and accessories buyer, and
Visual Merchandiser. After that my final job before setting up Fox + Feather was
with Mistral, where I was Area Visual Manager.
What do you do when you get home from work?
I play with Edith, my daughter! She is 2 1/2 now and lot's of fun (I was 8
months pregnant when I opened Fox + Feather). Once she is in bed, I'm a bit
of an interior design wannabe, so I'm usually to be found reading Elle
Decoration and Living Etc, planning my dream home and pinning like a mad
women on Pinterest. Or cooking. I like to eat :)
Have you got a funny story from the shop?
Yes, lots! The best is probably from one of our 'after-show parties' held in
store after a Fashion Show. To be brief, I found a couple in one of our
changing rooms, after a few too many glasses of champagne, getting a bit
What's your proudest achievement?
Being a mum, running a business and staying vaguely sane?! Winning a
Draper's award for Best New Business 2013 wasn't bad either...
What your favourite item/outfit in the shop at the moment?
Can I jump forward a bit? We have a very cute navy spotty Co-ord top and
shorts arriving from Louche in February that I can not wait for!