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new jewellery from lovely Lisa

This has just come in from the fantastic Lisa Galibardy  http://www.galibardy.com. She always has the most amazing stuff. There is so much I want for the new Fox and Feather store! Check out the rest of the collection on her website. I think it is amazingly well priced. I've got  a few things from her in the past and the quality is really good, it feels weighty! Most of her stuff is made from brass so you can just polish it up with some brasso! No need to worry about fake gold rubbing off as you wear it.


A few people have asked my why the blog is called Fox and Feather. Fox and Feather is the 'working title' (?!) for the store I am hoping to open in Bristol. The story behind the name is long and pretty boring but basically came from moving to a part of town that is full of foxes and birds. And something about it just sounded good.  Or is that just me? My sister did say it sounded like I should be selling naughty underwear.... maybe I will!