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taxidermy- good or bad?

I have a lovely new friend on my wall. He hasn't got a name yet but maybe he should have. He is not the little fella from the photo at the top of the page. Well I hope he isn't anyway!

One day he will go and live in the Fox and Feather shop. But I am a bit worried he might scare people. He is a nice fox, I don't know... is taxidermy good or bad?

I bought him from a little old man in Wales. I saw it on his stall and thought he was cool (the fox, but actually the old man was pretty cool too as it turned out) . I didn't have any money, so he let me take it if I promised to send him a cheque in the post! What a very lovely man indeed. Apparantly I have an honest face. Yey!

So now the fox and his dinner are mine. I sent a cheque and all is good.

But is taxidermy good or bad? Let me know, before I scare off all my customers....

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