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post-carnival blues beaten by bisciut boxes... somewhere to put your spare smarties

It was St Pauls Carnival in Bristol yesterday. I missed the parade but arrived with a plastic bottle full of home-made mojito at about 7pm ready for some dancin'. So, like the rest of the people of Bristol today was a bit of a right-off (as are my once white Nike Elite...) But two good things have happened today which I feel I must share with you:

1. The first of our tadpoles have turned into frogs! They are very small. We fed them some celebratory stale bread to welcome them to the world of legs.

2. I stumbled across the best ceramic boxes ever! They are actual biscuit size, slipcast in white earthenware and look just like the real thing, only instead of eating them you put stuff inside them. 'What could you possibly put inside?' you may ask. Well, I am a bit stumped to be honest. Maybe left-over smarties?

Ceramic biscuits are available from Robert Archard. He has other stuff too which is equally good and funny.

Suggestions of what to put in these sweet boxes gratefully received...then I might justify buying one.