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is it too late to mention festivals?

It seems that you can't go to a festival anymore without something painted on your face and/or something funny on your head. So, as I'm still not convinced about the merits of painting on your face, I am wholeheartedly supporting the 'wearing something on your head that you probably wouldn't do under any other circumstances' crew.

My favourites are:


I will be stocking these merrimaking hoods in the Fox and Feather store. They are the perfect festival accessory, but I reckon some folk will want them all season! I know you could probably make your own but why bother when the cost of the fabric would probably be more then this lovely lot are charging. There are based down in Brighton (no surprise there) and seem like a very nice bunch of people.



These are so beautiful I wish I could wear one every day. Though maybe I'll wait until I'm self-employed before I give it a go?  They are made by I Am Howling Wolf. They don't have a transactional website, or even particularly good images of what they create but if you are in need of a feather headdress (and let's be serious here, who isn't?) these are definitely the people to talk to.