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little mistress

The last couple of weeks have been very unproductive. Everytime I've sat down to blog, I've been disctracted by one of the following:

  1. The sudden urgent need to make a cup of tea and eat jaffas.
  2. Doris (the cat) head butting my hand and walking on the keyboard until I give up.
  3. The realisation that my hair is past the dry shampoo stage and it really does need a proper wash. Now.
  4. A growing obsession with 'The Killing' (danish detective series) that seems to have seeped in to the dark recesses of my brain and makes me keep saying "Theis, Theis!"
The only thing I've managed to get done is to start looking for some new brands to get me in the mood to spend some money on some nice autumn clothes. Top of my list is a dress from Little Mistress. They are a London brand who are going from strength to strength with each new collection. They are very reasonably priced with dresses from £30. They have just launched a new jewellery collection too, which isn't online yet but I'll let you know when it is.