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ello monki!

I just sat down to have a little whinge about the fact that it is time to put away my trusty espadrilles until next year. I have been battling on ignoring the soggy toes but I think today's torrential downpour finally has me beaten. That and the fact that the funny espadrille in decay smell is beginning to get a little embarrassing...Hmmm, maybe they should just go in the bin.

So I was going to check out my new shoe purchase options on the trusty old interweb, when I decided to check out Monki quickly before I did. And now I am just massively annoyed that there are no Monki stores outside of London (they opened a concession in Selfridges last week) and you can't buy online!

Monki is proper Scandi-cool. I'm not really sure what that means, but I'm definitely sure that cool Scandinavians would most likely be annoyed by that comment. Anyway, if you are going past Selfridges and want to get me a present here are a few suggestions. DO IT!

They have put together sets to help you part with all your hard earned cash. How kind.
You can sign up, become a friend and get a magazine. It's aimed at teenagers but who cares!
These little fellas are all over Monki. Ooooh.