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loving these sunny days...

It makes me smile when the sun shines, especially when you don't expect it. Yesterday I went for a gorgeous walk in the countryside in just a tee shirt (obviously not JUST a tee shirt...) and it felt so good. I had a few hours of not thinking about work, there was no signal on my phone and boy, that was enjoyable!

On my walk I was wearing my Brat and Suzie Nordic tee from their new AW12 collection. It shows how busy I've been that I had never really looked at the print properly. It is little stags and birds! So cool!

So here it is, for everyone to enjoy...and we do have a few left in store so you can always get your own and pray for another sunny day to show it off in it's full glory before you layer it up with a chunky cardi!

Brat and Suzie Nordic Tee £30