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Good for layering, good for me!

Well helloooo November! It's my favourite month of the year. I love the smell of winter approaching, bonfires, fireworks and treacle toffee. Oh and it's my birthday! Ha!

I'm loving the chance to finally pull on my snuggly woolly tights. Layering up is fun! Last week we had new deliveries from Chuti and Louche London. I'm still a bit undecided as what to choose to update my wardrobe. I want a new skirt and a new cardigan but unfortunately one of each is not an option ;(

So.. do I get this gorgeous pleated beauty from Louche London? I love the coloured bands and the detail on the waistband on this Lejoi Skirt. I imagine myself wearing this little number with some coloured tights and ankle boots.

Or..do I go for the super cute Bunny Cardigan from Chuti? Animal motifs are one of my favourite trends this season.

Oh whatever, it's my birthday, I'm just going to get both. Sssshhh....