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  • Leopard Magazine for Kids 4-9


Leopard Magazine for Kids 4-9



Issue four of LEOPARD, an independent magazine for kids, full of goodness, crafts and fun stuff – a big cat party!

The theme this issue is PATTERNS

Issue four includes:

  • Crafts – from collage animals, to beautiful lanterns, paper flower vases of flowers and cool stamps!

  • Wellbeing – learn about incredibly helpful and interesting emotion stones and then make your own with the great Mindful Kin

  • Interview with the BRILLIANT illustrator Poonam Mistry, who uses patterns as a key part of her work ‘I grew up surrounded by a lot of embellished fabrics, hand crafted ornaments and decorative paintings of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. These have definitely influenced the work I create today.’

  • Mirror pattern inspired LEOPARD colouring in with the very excellent Sarah Matthews

  • A NEW story! This story is all about a young swallow called Ernie. He lives in a cosy nest in Ireland and is not a fan of change. He’s certainly not sure about that big journey he’s got to make soon. Illustrated by the talented Holly Giblin.

  • The ACE Let’s Make Art show you how to make a VERY fun collaborative PATCHWORK QUILT!

  • Interview with INCREDIBLE contemporary craft artist, the iconic Kaffe Fassett. His designs are bright, colourful and full of patterns! Find out about how he found his craft and his passion for pattern, colour and ART! So inspiring, Kaffe says: ‘An imagination is the most valuable asset we have to create any work.’

  • Experiments – CABBAGE is very interesting. Find out why!

  • Cut-outs with Abigail Frances – dress up BEAR with some illustrated outfits by Abbie and also created your OWN designs for BEAR!

  • Amazing illustration by Francesca Tiley on the front and back cover. Francesca says, ‘My family is British Mexican and I have always been inspired by the folk arts and crafts that come from both cultures. The colour and patterns which exist in Mexican designs are typically bright, bold and expressive!’

    Check out Francesca’s I LOVE OUR PLANET! back cover, which you can cut out and use it as a poster for your wall!

  • A sun-filled and inspiring poster by Frankie Rose Illustration. Hooray!

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